Saturday, May 25, 2013

Torturing Kids with Toothpicks - Part 3

Here is the first act of my toothpick lesson. Feedback is appreciated.

Here is part 1 and part 2 of this series.


  1. 1) You're seriously going to do this.
    2) Could video end on the built triangles instead of the back to the boxes of toothpicks?
    3) Was the blurry zoom-in of the boxes at 00:03-00:04 a cruel joke on aging eyesight? (I already know I need glasses.)

    I think what you're doing is awesome. Can't wait to see finished product. If my math is correct, that's about 140 rows of toothpicks!

    1. 1. Yes.
      2. I thought about doing it that way...or showing the time lapse. Another idea was to show myself starting with a large box of toothpicks at my side, and then panning out to show the rest of the room.
      3. My camera just did that, so no.

      140 rows is a good calculation. Unfortunately, my room limits how big I can actually make the triangle.

  2. Proud to be a part of the Triangle Comittee. Thanks for being my favorite teacher :)

    1. Thanks Maddie! I'll be using this lesson for years to come. It's cool that you're in the video and I'm really happy that you'll always be a part of that. Have a great summer.