Sunday, July 7, 2013

Math Teacher Popularity Contest

OK, first a disclaimer. I didn't intend to make a list of most popular math teachers on twitter. Technically, it's not really that. It's really a list of most popular math teachers as determined by people attending Twitter Math Camp (TMC) this summer. (That's just not a good title for a blog post.)

Let me explain. I will be attending TMC in Philadelphia in a couple of weeks and I was roped into helping with Game Night. Basically we're coming up with a game that tests TMC attendees knowledge of math teachers on twitter. The only problem is...who should be on that list? They had to be well known, otherwise the game wouldn't be any fun.

So I volunteered to figure out which tweeps (people on twitter) were the most popular by looking at who TMC attendees followed on twitter*. I ranked those followed tweeps by highest frequency, and voila, my list. I created this list on twitter at:

After I made the list, I realized that there were a lot of cool and intelligent math teachers out there that I wasn't following. For whatever reasons, our paths just never crossed. Maybe there are some cool people on here that you don't follow. If this list is helpful to you, great! If not, the hell with you. I don't care.

* I ended up looking at 116 of the 122 people going. I couldn't include everyone because of protected accounts or they followed way too many people (one person is following more than 14,000 people).

Random thoughts:

1. How the hell did I get on this list?

2. I was really surprised to see that some people aren't on this list. I was going to list them here, but then thought, "no, because then I'll forget someone and they'll think I'm a jerkface." If you're not here, but you think you should be, don't cry about it. This was heavily influenced by who is attending TMC.

3. I didn't want to show the actual rankings, because people can get weird. But if this were like homecoming, Dan Meyer would be Homecoming King and Kate Nowak would be Homecoming Queen. Fawn Nguyen, Captain Bad Idea, Julie Reulbach, and Sam Shah would all get honorable mentions. Congrats!

4. Conan O'Brien, Barack Obama, and Zooey Deschanel all got a lot of votes. Sadly, they didn't have enough followers to make the list.


  1. What the hell. We need to split this task 3 ways or it'll never get done. Of the 82: you take 35 names, Chris takes another 35, and I'll do 12. (Don't bother, I already double checked the math on this.)

    “This is not a game of Who The Fuck Are You.”
    ― Eddie Izzard

    1. Funny thing...I was actually thinking of that Eddie Izzard quote while doing this.

      I'll finish it up. I have a system. You two would just mess things up on me.

    2. You did not. (Did you really?) I swear he pops up in almost everything I see and do. We should rename our TMC game night to this.

      Your system sucks. Give me another day to work on this.

  2. Needless to say if this game entails answering questions about each other, I'm kinda scared. I think Fawn loves me the most, so put me on her list. I'd trust her not to embarrass the hell out of me (much). Sounds like fun!

    Now here's the big question - how do we know whose TEAM we're on once we get there? I don't play well with others and I'm hella competitive. :)

    ~Captain Bad Idea~

    1. You KNOW I love you most, Hedge!! You'll be on whatever team you choose, dear. We just won't tell anyone that you get to pick. They won't even know that we'll give you the answer key beforehand. You end up winning the whole thing.

      Go away, Andrew.

  3. Haha interesting. There was a similar contest in our department, but it was more or less based on the use of ed tech tools. I think my ranking is going up since I used a lot of technology in my classroom last year. As a math teacher, I found ed tech to be particular useful and it definitely improves learning and efficiency. For example, I have been using this tool called ClassroomIQ ( lately, and it really helps me to grade homework and exams more quickly and easily. Nice tool to have. Anyway, the Twitter contest seems fun! Enjoy.