Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm Back Baby!!!!

I was on a bit of a twitter/blog hiatus. I think I'm back.

Here's a warm-up that I made up the other day. There's something about it that I really like. Full disclosure: Brad Fulton showed something similar at a conference with multiplying two-digit numbers. I just thought it might be fun to apply it to graphing slope-intercept form.

I like this as an activity because it helps students see how changing the slope and y-intercept gets them closer to the target. You can also set it up to have two solutions in case anybody gets lucky on the first try. And although I pretty much guide them towards graphing, a few will try simply substituting the coordinates into their equations to see which works.


  1. Great idea...I'll definitely use it as a warm up...could also extend by asking students to put them in the "wrong" place and create their own question that would have that as a solution.

    1. Hi Nicole, Nice to see your smiling face!

  2. Yea!!!!!!! Kraft is back!
    Great idea man! I'm using this!

  3. I love that students can visually check and adjust their answer. You could easily adapt this by changing the given values or the ordered pair. For classrooms without computer access, have students graph the equation themselves on paper. Give them more than one coordinate plane in case they need to try a few times.